I Finally Lost All of the Weight

It is a really tough thing and obviously you have to think about your health when you are significantly over your ideal weight, but I really did it for a simple and completely vain reason. I live right on the beach part of the year and obviously there are girls there, whom I would very much like to impress when I go down there to frolic. At any rate the effect is not exactly what I want, so I was thinking about this place that a friend recommended. Their web page is www.balconesdermatology.com and if you went there you would see that they are a dermatologist which has this stuff that is called cool sculpting. I really did not know exactly what they meant by that when the girl was telling me about it, but apparently it is this machine that they use foot freeze the fat that you have in you.

I sort of wonder what happens to the fat after it is frozen. Obviously I am not an expert on this stuff and they claim that it gets rid of the stuff, but I really wonder where it goes after it is frozen. Does it go out the back door or the front door, if you get my drift. Or perhaps it gets burnt up by your system. It does not really seem to say what they do. At any rate they do not really seem to think too much about the fact that they remove fat, but it is probably just loose skin that is holding me back from looking the way that I want to look. In fact I am thinking that there is probably not going to be a satisfactory solution to this issue, because once you have this excess skin it probably takes a surgeon to get rid of it.